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Viva RF Treatment

Viva RF is a powerful system that’s designed to resolve skin imperfections that are notoriously difficult to treat, including scars, texture issues and lax skin. It’s non-invasive and extremely gentle on the skin, making it a terrific procedure for many of our Beverly Hills patients.

What is Viva RF?

Viva RF is a revolutionary, customizable and FDA-cleared facial remodeling and resurfacing system. It offers a non-surgical way to resolve a number of common skin conditions, including those that are normally resistant to treatment. In addition, it’s gentle, quick and comfortable, and associated with virtually no downtime.

The system works by using radiofrequency energy to deeply heat the skin, rather than burning the surface like other lasers. As such, it rejuvenates and improves your complexion in a gentle way. When performed correctly the procedure has the ability to:

  • Reduce the visibility of your pores
  • Tighten loose facial and neck skin
  • Reduce the appearance of acne scars
  • Restore a healthy complexion
  • Target skin texture issues
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Benefits of Viva RF

Viva RF is rapidly becoming one of the most popular procedures we offer at The Roxbury Institute. In addition to being an incredibly effective way to rejuvenate your skin, the treatment comes with a number of appealing benefits, including:

  • Completely non-invasive
  • Safe for all skin types and colors
  • Minimal risks
  • Less incisions and downtime
  • Comfortable treatments
  • Highly versatile and customizable

What to expect during your Viva RF treatments

While other doctors outsource their laser and facial rejuvenation treatments, our leading doctors perform all of our Viva RF treatments themselves. As such, our Beverly Hills patients can rest assured that they are in highly capable and trustworthy hands throughout their procedure.

To begin your treatment, we will have you lie down in a comfortable position. We will then apply a numbing cream to prevent any discomfort, before moving the Viva RF hand piece over your skin. As the device moves along the treatment area, it will send focused radiofrequency energy into your skin to encourage your body to heal surface imperfections and produce fresh collagen. Although you may see a visible improvement after just one Viva RF session, the majority of our clients require several appointments once a month for optimal results.

An extremely gentle procedure, there is almost no downtime associated with Viva RF treatments. At the very most, you may experience some minor redness and a warming sensation, however these effects will subside very quickly. In most cases, you’ll be able to resume your normal routine in as little as one day. However, it’s important to avoid sun exposure and apply sunblock diligently in the days that follow, as your skin will be substantially more sensitive than usual.

Is Viva RF right for you?

Because Viva RF is such a gentle treatment that’s safe for all skin types and colors, almost anyone can be a candidate. As long as you want to address skin issues that the treatment can fix, such as fine lines, acne scars and wrinkles, there’s a strong chance that Viva RF can help you achieve a smoother and more attractive overall complexion.

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