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  • Lipedema

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    Numerous women grappling with this condition have consistently heard advice emphasizing weight loss as the solution, coupled with the belief that no remedy exists. Here at The Roxbury Institute, we possess the capability to eliminate the afflicted fat responsible for this concern, thus rejuvenating a more balanced and refined bodily contour.

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  • Dermatology

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    Your skin and internal wellbeing are inextricably linked. We offer advanced skincare procedures -- from BOTOX and fillers to lasers and skin tightening treatments -- to achieve optimal skin health. In this way, we’re able to restore a young and healthy complexion that ensures you look and feel your very best.

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  • Plastic Surgery

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    Plastic Surgery

    The Roxbury Institute offers the full array of face, breast and body procedures to help you achieve your appearance goals. From breast augmentation to facelifts, we’ll correct the cosmetic imperfections that concern you most and sculpt the exquisite overall look you’ve always wanted.

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The Roxbury Institute is a unique multi-specialty medical institute offering a range of services in both it’s Los Angeles and Salt Lake City locations. Many of it’s therapies are centered around the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of Lipedema through the Advanced Lipedema Treatment Program (ALT).

The Roxbury Institute’s plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures are part of the ALT Program in addition to serving cosmetic patients from around the world. General and cosmetic dermatology care is offered through the division of dermatology by specialty providers. Ancillary services such as vein therapy and lymphatic surgery are offered through affiliates of The Roxbury Institute.



The entire clinical team at The Roxbury Institute is comprised of experienced and dedicated professionals working closely together to enable and provide the highest standards of quality patient care. The doctors, surgeons, and healthcare providers are specialists in their respective areas. The unwavering determination to provide exceptional care to each and every patient is possible because it is a virtue held and understood by all: the doctors, nurses, surgical team, medical assistants, patient care coordinators, insurance specialists, and the administration.


The Roxbury founder

Founder & Medical Director

David Amron MD

Dr. Amron is a board-certified dermatologic surgeon specializing in liposuction, lipedema treatment and body contouring procedures. As the medical director of The Roxbury Institute, he has earned a reputation as a top liposuction surgeon, due to his commitment to perfect patient care and his ability to treat complex liposuction cases, including revision liposuction surgeries and those involving lipedema.


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