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Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is the cornerstone of dramatic cosmetic enhancements. If minimally-invasive techniques and preventative approaches are falling short of your goals and expectations, our world-class surgeons will apply their precision, skill and artistry to surgically sculpt a youthful new appearance that you’ll love showing off.

Discover yourself

It’s not about convenience, affordability, or pleasing those around you. It’s only about you, your own choices, your own vision of who you really are. If you feel there’s an imperfection in your appearance, it’s time to set it right.

At the Roxbury Institute, we are ready to realize your aesthetic goals. Get ready for your next steps, because they will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Our treatment areas

  • Breast & body

    At The Roxbury Institute, we want you to have the body you desire. With expertly performed breast surgeries, tummy tucks and body lifts, we can address virtually any problem area and help you create a covetable, proportionate and natural-looking physique.

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  • Facial plastics

    Surgically enhancing the face is no small feat. As such, you need a seasoned surgeon that you can trust with your greatest asset. With a reputation for an impeccable surgical technique and unparalleled level of artistry, you can be assured that your face is in highly capable hands at The Roxbury Institute.

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Our unrivaled approach to plastic surgery

In performing plastic surgery for our patients, we aim to sculpt objectively beautiful features that look natural and are in alignment with your unique cosmetic goals. As such, we’ll spend a great deal of time with you prior to your procedure, discussing your appearance and the various ways we can improve your looks. Throughout this entire process, you can be assured that we will always be honest with you about the surgeries you need, and we will never recommend a procedure that isn’t in your best interest.

In addition, we believe in conservative surgical enhancements. We won’t attempt to aggressively erase all signs of facial and body aging, because we know that this type of approach won’t yield the most natural results. Rather, we’ll look at your face and body as a whole, and make subtle, elegant tweaks that are designed to improve your overall appearance in a very organic and graceful way.

Schedule your consultation today

If you’re interested in becoming an exclusive client of The Roxbury Institute, we invite you to schedule a consultation at our Beverly Hills office today, and let us help you achieve the youthful beauty and optimal wellness you deserve.

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