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Brow Lift

After decades of using your forehead to make pronounced facial expressions, lines and wrinkles inevitably form. And when they do, they can create a weathered and aged appearance that makes you look older far before your time. With a brow lift at the Roxbury Institute, you can smooth out these telltale signs of aging in a natural way, restoring the fresh and well-rested beauty of your youth.

The Roxbury approach to brow lifts

At The Roxbury Institute, we have a unique approach to brow lifts. We don’t believe in correcting every single sign of aging present on the face, because that won’t result in a natural-looking improvement. Instead, we make conservative changes that are designed to subtly enhance your appearance and restore a youthful expression that looks organic – never artificial.

In addition, we’ll always be honest with you about the results you can expect and the procedures you need. Some of our Beverly Hills patients only need a brow lift to achieve their ideal results, while others benefit more from combining the surgery with complementary procedures, such as eyelid surgery. Throughout the planning process, we’ll work together as a team to compose a customized treatment plan that you feel comfortable with, and that we believe is genuinely in your best interest.

An overview of a brow lift

A brow lift is a surgery that’s designed to rejuvenate the upper third area of your face. With meticulous and subtle enhancements, it elevates the brow and restores a more refreshed and youthful appearance. When performed with the artistry and skill of a leading plastic surgeon, the procedure has the ability to:

  • Tighten lax forehead skin
  • Elevate a drooping brow
  • Reverse a perpetually angry or tired expression
  • Smooth forehead wrinkles
  • Reduce the appearance of deep lines in between the brows
  • Elevate heavy upper eyelids
  • Restore your youthful facial contours

One of the reasons a brow lift is so desirable is because it does more than simply enhance your cosmetic appearance. It also has the ability to renew your confidence, improve your self-esteem and make you look more approachable to others. All of these benefits can dramatically enhance your quality of life and make you feel better about yourself.

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What to expect during your brow lift

When we perform brow lifts for our Beverly Hills patients, we aim to use the most minimally-invasive techniques possible. As such, we perform endoscopic brow lifts as often as we can. A very desirable procedure, endoscopic brow lifts are much less intensive than the traditional approach and require minimal incisions. Performed under general anesthesia, we will begin by making several tiny incisions along the scalp. We will then insert an endoscope through those openings, which is a long, thin and lighted tube that’s attached to a video camera in the operating room. This gives our plastic surgeons a clear view of your internal structures while we operate. If you are not a candidate for the endoscopic approach, we will perform a traditional open brow lift, which requires a more intensive incision along the length of the hairline.

Regardless of the approach used, our goal will be to tighten lax muscles, remove extra fat and trim away excess skin in order to restore your youthful and refreshed expression. Throughout this process, we will be very conservative in the corrections we make, to ensure a final outcome that subtly enhances your features and doesn’t look overdone.

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