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Thermage Beverly Hills

Aging, sagging skin is more than a simple cosmetic issue. It impacts your self-esteem and affects the way you feel about yourself. Fortunately, our Beverly Hills Thermage treatments at The Roxbury Institute offer an incredible, completely non-surgical way to invigorate and freshen your damaged complexion, so you can look younger and feel more confident.

What is Thermage?

Thermage is a radiofrequency treatment that can improve the appearance of loose skin, revealing a smooth and more youthful appearance. It treats imperfections that develop with age and exposure to various environmental elements by transforming the structure of the skin below the surface. A highly customizable treatment, we can apply the Thermage system to a variety of problem areas, including the:

  • Eyes. Over time, the delicate eye area inevitably begins to show your age, resulting in loose skin, fine wrinkles and a drooping appearance. With the Thermage system, we can treat both the upper and lower eyelids, freshening your appearance and creating a more well-rested expression.
  • Face. When skin begins to sag on the face, it results in a turkey neck, heavy jowls, a missing jawline and poorly defined facial features. Thermage is able to address these unwelcome changes – tightening lax areas and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Body. Aging doesn’t exclusively affect the face. It can impact the body as well, in the form of sagging skin, dimples and unsightly bulges that prevent you from achieving a more youthful look. When this occurs, Thermage is designed to smooth these hard-to-treat areas, and may even improve the appearance of cellulite.

Benefits of Thermage

Because lax skin is such a universal problem, our Los Angeles Thermage is an extremely popular procedure among our patients. Men and women of all ages appreciate that the treatment restores a subtly more youthful look, but doesn’t change one’s appearance quite as dramatically as plastic surgery. It’s a simple rejuvenation procedure that fits easily into your existing wellness and anti-aging routine, and delivers the following appealing benefits:

  • Visible results in as little as one treatment
  • A completely safe and non-invasive procedure
  • Virtually no downtime
  • The flexibility to target multiple areas on the face and body
  • The ability to tighten lax skin, smooth wrinkles and restore definition to your features
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What to expect during your Thermage treatments

Your gentle, non-surgical Los Angeles Thermage will take place in the comfort of our office. To perform the procedure, our dermatologic surgeons will apply the Thermage hand piece to the treatment area, moving it over your face and body for about one hour. During this time, the radiofrequency energy is stimulating your body’s natural rejuvenation process to treat surface imperfections and improve the condition of your skin. While the powerful heat is targeting your deep tissues, the cooling technology will protect the surface of your skin, prevent damage and ensure your comfort.

Throughout the entire treatment experience, you will feel a deep heating sensation, but absolutely no pain. You can expect the results to emerge gradually, with visibly tighter and firmer skin appearing over time.

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