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Facial plastics

  • Facelift

    Sagging skin, deep wrinkles and heavy jowls are just a few of the ways the natural aging process affects the face. When these unwanted changes set in, a facelift with our leading plastic surgeons can address them and restore a more youthful appearance.

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  • Eyelid surgery.

    The eyes reveal your age faster than any other feature, creating a permanently tired and weathered appearance. With eyelid surgery, we can address these effects in a very natural way, helping to restore your bright and youthful expression.

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  • Brow lift

    A heavy brow can make you look older far before your time. Fortunately, an expertly performed brow lift can reverse some of these effects by tightening lax skin, elevating your forehead and reducing wrinkles, restoring a fresh and well-rested look.

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  • Rhinoplasty

    Don’t let an imperfect nose detract from your innate attractiveness. Our plastic surgeons at The Roxbury Institute have mastered the art of the delicate rhinoplasty, and we can help you achieve a new nose that better suits your face.

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  • Otoplasty

    Protruding, prominent and misshapen ears can cause extreme emotional distress for adults and children of all ages. An otoplasty procedure is designed to correct these issues, reducing and resizing your ears to achieve a more discreet overall look.

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