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Breast & Body

  • Breast augmentation

    At The Roxbury Institute, we do more than simply increase your cup size. We aim to sculpt beautiful, natural-looking breasts that fit your body, creating a proportionate and more attractive overall appearance.

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  • Breast lift

    Sagging breasts can dramatically alter your appearance. An expertly performed breast lift at The Roxbury Institute is designed to elevate your chest to a more youthful position, while restoring your natural firmness.

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  • Breast reduction

    If heavy breasts have been weighing you down for years, it may be time to make an empowering change. With a breast reduction at our center, you can achieve breasts that are smaller, lighter and more manageable – but still full and feminine.

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  • Body lifting

    The arms and thighs tend to accumulate fat and sagging skin as the aging process progresses, creating a poorly defined overall look. When this occurs, a specialized body lifting procedure can tighten and contour these areas, restoring a fit and youthful body.

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  • Tummy tuck

    The abdomen can be incredibly difficult to transform, especially when you’re suffering from excess fat, sagging skin and loose muscles. Fortunately, a well-done tummy tuck at The Roxbury Institute is an excellent way to tighten and contour this key area, revealing a more attractive waistline.

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  • Gynecomastia surgery

    When men develop overly large and feminine breasts, no amount of diet and exercise can address the issue. Rather, the condition needs to be resolved with a specialized surgery that’s designed to reduce the extra volume while restoring a more masculine chest.

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  • Nipple reconstruction & projection

    After undergoing a mastectomy, it’s very common to also require a nipple reconstruction – a specialized procedure designed to surgically recreate your nipple and areola, restoring a natural chest appearance.

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