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Body Contouring

If you’re close to your ideal weight, but suffer from lumpy areas, excess skin and stubborn pockets of fat, our body contouring procedures may be able to help you put the finishing touches on your physique. With surgical, non-surgical and specialty treatments, we undoubtedly have a procedure that can help you target your excess volume and achieve a more contoured silhouette.

Target unwanted fat. Sculpt your body

No two bodies are exactly alike. As such, we believe in a tailored approach to body contouring – one that is 100% guided by your unique shape, problem areas and goals. To begin, we will evaluate your figure as a whole to identify disproportionate areas. From there, we’ll talk to you about the ideal body you’d like to possess, and what you hope to accomplish from your procedure. Whether you want to sculpt a more defined body contour, reduce cellulite or tighten loose skin, we’ll recommend a custom treatment cocktail that’s designed to accomplish your unique objectives and give you a body you can be proud of.

Our cosmetic & medical dermatology treatment menu

  • Liposuction

    At The Roxbury Institute, we are genuine liposuction artists. As such, we offer a wide variety of advanced, highly effective treatments that are designed to not only reduce unwanted fat, but also to tighten loose skin and sculpt athletic body features.

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  • Non-surgical body contouring

    It’s no longer necessary to go under the knife to remove stubborn pockets of fat. With breakthrough non-surgical body contouring procedures, you can tighten loose skin and contour your body in a less invasive way, eliminating the need for incisions, pain and a lengthy recovery period.

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  • Cellulite reduction

    Cellulite can affect anyone. At The Roxbury Institute, we know how distressing this “cottage cheese” appearance is, and how eager our Beverly Hills patients are to get rid of it. As such, we exclusively offer cellulite treatments that we know are highly effective in combating these dimples and restoring a smooth and fit appearance.

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Schedule your consultation today

If you’re interested in becoming an exclusive client of The Roxbury Institute, we invite you to schedule a consultation at our Beverly Hills office today, and let us help you achieve the youthful beauty and optimal wellness you deserve.

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