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Body Lifting

As the aging process progresses, the thighs and arms transform into problem areas for many men and women. They begin to accumulate excess skin and stubborn fat cells that aren’t responsive to diet and exercise – leaving many of our clients feeling self-conscious about their looks. When this occurs, our leading plastic surgeons at The Roxbury Institute will commonly perform a body lift procedure that’s designed to tighten loose skin, restore balance and recreate a smooth and youthful overall appearance.

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Improving the shape of your thighs

After losing a substantial amount of weight through diet and exercise, many of our Beverly Hills patients are disappointed to learn that they’re left with sagging skin on their thighs once the supportive fat has been removed. Unfortunately, this kind of loose skin will never tighten up with additional weight loss or physical activity. In most cases, the only way to address this issue is with a thigh lift that is specifically designed to tighten lax skin, while improving the shape and contour of this hard-to-target area.

At The Roxbury Institute, we offer both a mini thigh lift and a full thigh lift – and one of the most important aspects of your surgery is determining which one is right for you. The mini thigh lift requires a very small incision in the groin area, while the full thigh lift involves an incision that begins in the groin and extends down to the knee. While most of our patients would prefer to undergo the mini thigh lift, it’s only ideal if you have a very small amount of excess skin. If you need to remove a substantial amount of unwanted volume for more dramatic results, a full thigh lift will likely be in your best interest. In either case, our goal throughout this procedure will be to create two smooth, beautiful and symmetrical thighs that you’ll love showing off.

Sculpting toned and slender arms

With age, the arms inevitably accumulate fat and begin to droop – resulting in extreme embarrassment for many of our patients. Fortunately, an arm lift at The Roxbury Institute is designed to reduce this extra volume and create toned and slender arms, so you can stop hiding in long-sleeved shirts – and start wearing whatever you want with confidence.

Our surgeons perform both mini and full arm lifts for our patients, and we’ll help you determine which option is in your best interest. A mini arm lift involves a single incision hidden in the armpit, while a full arm lift requires an incision that extends along the length of the arm. In general, if you possess a substantial amount of excess volume, you won’t be happy with the results of a mini arm lift, because they won’t be dramatic enough. As such, you’ll likely require a full arm lift to ensure that we are able to remove enough excess volume to slenderize your arms and achieve a smooth and shapely contour.

The Roxbury approach to body lifts

You’re never “just a patient” at The Roxbury Institute. You’re an exclusive member of our center – and our level of service reflects that fact. As such, we aim to make sure you feel taken care of every step of the way, from the moment you enter our doors for your initial consultation to your post-operative care. As with all of our surgeries, our arm and thigh lifts are 100% customized, and performed in a way that’s best for you and your unique body. This personalized approach is how we create rich and lasting relationships with each of our clients – and it’s how we ensure that you are absolutely thrilled with your results.

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