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Revision Liposuction

Although liposuction is a very common procedure, it still requires a high level of surgical skill. When it’s performed by an inexperienced, unqualified or less adept surgeon, you run the risk of an aesthetic outcome that you’re not happy with.

When this occurs, our dermatologic surgeons at The Roxbury Institute are here for you. Having perfected the art and science of our masterful liposuction technique, we can revise the mistakes of your prior doctor and give you the smooth, slender and natural results you wanted the first time around.

The Roxbury approach to revision liposuction

At The Roxbury Institute, we’ve genuinely seen it all.

Patients come to us from all over the world for our expertise in revision liposuction procedures, as we have the skill and artistry necessary to reverse virtually any issue that may have arisen from your prior procedure. As such, you can be assured that you’re in highly capable and trustworthy hands at our exclusive center.

To begin your treatment, we will schedule an initial consultation at our office to review the problem areas you’re having addressed. During that meeting, we will not only evaluate the mistakes of your prior surgeon, but we’ll also look at the rest of your body as a whole to ensure that our corrective procedure results in a natural and proportionate outcome.

What to expect during your revision liposuction procedure

During your actual procedure, we will customize our approach based on the issues we’re fixing. To give you an idea of what to expect, here’s how we’ll address a few of the most common reasons our Beverly Hills patients require revision liposuction:

  • Insufficient fat removal. In many cases, the prior surgeon simply didn’t remove an adequate amount of fat, resulting in an aesthetic outcome that isn’t as dramatic as the patient desired. Fortunately, with the high level of precision and vast experience possessed by our team at The Roxbury Institute, this problem is fairly simple to fix with a properly performed procedure.
  • Uneven results. When performed correctly, liposuction is supposed to remove fat in a uniform manner, resulting in seamless and natural results. In some cases, the surgeon uses a poor technique and focuses exclusively on sucking fat out of the body, rather than sculpting the area, resulting in unsightly deformities, bumps and lumps. At The Roxbury Institute, we’ll fix this unique issue by performing another liposuction procedure on the treatment area, and targeting the fat from a variety of angles to ensure smooth and even results.
  • The removal of too much fat. More is not always better – especially when it comes to liposuction. If too much fat is removed, the result will be disproportionate to the rest of your body. When this occurs, our plastic surgeons will perform a fat transfer to restore volume to the area, along with a very mild liposuction procedure to blend the results.
  • Inadequate blending. When undergoing liposuction, you want your fat to be removed in a very natural way. If the area is not blended properly, a prominent transition will be apparent where the fat removal began and ended. To fix this issue, our plastic surgeons at The Roxbury Institute will perform an additional procedure that focuses on blending, contouring and sculpting your body to achieve a more organic outcome.
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