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Tummy Tuck

Imagine possessing a flat, toned and smooth abdomen that looks incredible while you’re lounging poolside. With a tummy tuck at The Roxbury Institute, that sculpted stomach you’re envisioning could be yours. With a focus on reducing excess fat and tightening loose skin, our surgeons will aim to enhance your waistline and reveal taut and youthful abs you’ll love showing off.

The Roxbury approach to tummy tucks

At The Roxbury Institute, we understand that a flabby stomach with stretch marks and loose skin can cause you to feel self-conscious about your appearance. That’s why we’re committed to helping you resolve these issues as effectively as possible, so you can wear tight clothing and reveal your abdomen with confidence once again.

To that end, we approach tummy tucks the same way we approach every procedure at our office – in a completely customized manner. We’ll match you with one of our Beverly Hills surgeons who is exceptionally skilled in the art of the tummy tuck, and we’ll gain an understanding of the ideal stomach you’d like to see when you look in the mirror. From there, we’ll compose a custom surgical plan designed to not only reduce unwanted fat – but also to sculpt, contour and shape a fit waistline that you can be proud of.

What can a tummy tuck accomplish?

When performed with the finesse and skill of a highly respected surgeon, few cosmetic procedures can transform your appearance quite as dramatically as the tummy tuck. For example, this procedure is designed to:

  • Reduce unwanted fat on your abdomen
  • Improve the appearance of loose skin
  • Sculpt a tighter and smoother waistline
  • Tighten weak underlying muscles
  • Flatten the abdomen
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What to expect during your tummy tuck

Your tummy tuck will be completely customized based on your unique needs. We will begin by administering general anesthesia to ensure that you are completely asleep and unable to experience any pain during surgery. In addition to keeping you comfortable, this form of anesthesia also allows us to ensure your safety.

Once you’re sedated, we will make the smallest incision possible to gain access to the underlying fat and muscles. For example, if you’re only removing a small amount of fat from your lower abdomen, we can generally make a tiny incision. However, if you need to remove a more substantial amount of fat from the entire abdomen and address loose underlying muscles, we may need to make a more extensive incision from hip-to-hip and around the belly button.

Once the incision has been created, we will tighten your sagging abdominal muscles to restore a taut look. We will then begin reducing unwanted fat, taking special care to evenly remove the volume to ensure a natural-looking and seamless outcome. And finally, we will trim away your excess skin and improve the appearance of any stretch marks. Very much an art form, our leading plastic surgeons will continue to sculpt and contour the area until we’ve created a firm, flat and youthful abdomen.

Schedule your consultation today

If you’re interested in becoming an exclusive client of The Roxbury Institute, we invite you to schedule a consultation at our Beverly Hills office today, and let us help you achieve the youthful beauty and optimal wellness you deserve.

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