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Changes I’ve Had Since Lipedema Liposuction

By: Karen Brown

The most fabulous part about having the surgery is that almost immediately, the same day or the day after, the lipedema pain in the body parts that had surgery IS GONE! It’s our miracle. What’s very interesting is that one can delineate lipedema pain from post-surgical pain, but the lipedema pain was gone. This happened after each surgery.

What changes have I had since lipedema liposuction:

After 5 surgeries and 10 months I finally completed my surgeries, and it is from here that I’ll begin to count the 12 to 18 months to complete recovery, (maybe even 24 months, as Dr. Amron told me that after surgery number 5). Like I said, he’s always told me the truth. I will just have to practice more patience than I expected. Besides, I’ve already had many victories from lipedema liposuction surgery:

I am free of lipedema painI no longer have the easy bruising. When my deep purple surgical bruises healed in days instead of weeks or months, the way a blood draw used to do, I knew I’d had my miracle.

When I rest my hand on my thigh, I no longer pull it away because of the burning pain from pressure is gone. That’s my victory.

My shoulders hurt less because they are no longer so far away from my body. Liposuction doesn’t repair torn rotator cuffs, but the girth reduction in my upper arms gives me noticeable relief.

My legs and arms feel light like feathers, even when swollen post-surgery, not lipedema fat heavy like cement.

I can sleep on my right side because I don’t have bursitis, as I had been told by my doctors for over a decade. Instead it was painful lipedema fat, now that it’s been removed the pain is gone. It’s nice to lay on my right, side just because I can.

Small things that others take for granted such as, I can now get my arm into a regular exam gown at my doctor’s office.

I can now have my blood pressure taken using the regular adult blood pressure cuff. For my entire adult life, they’ve had to use the thigh size blood pressure cuff. I almost cried when the nurse put the regular adult size blood-pressure cuff around my upper arm and there was 5 inches left on the Velcro to cinch my arm in properly.


These surgeries have succeeded beyond anything I could have expected. Any aesthetic improvement I get is just extra special. I’m 55 and morbidly obese, I still have pain just not lipedema pain, and that’s FABULOUS!!!


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